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Celebrate Independence Day at VGP Golden Beach Resort

Flag Hoisting At VGP GBR

Join Us for a Patriotic Extravaganza!

Date: August 15, 2023

At VGP Golden Beach Resort, we believe in cherishing the spirit of freedom and unity. This Independence Day, immerse yourself in a memorable celebration that captures the essence of our nation's independence struggle. Join us as we hoist the tricolour flag high and indulge in the sweetness of patriotism.

A Day of Pride and Unity

Step into a world of pride and unity as we come together to honour our nation's heroes who fought valiantly for our freedom. Our Independence Day celebration is a tribute to their sacrifices and a reminder of the values they upheld.

Flag Hoisting Ceremony

Witness the majestic unfurling of the national flag as it dances with the wind. Our flag hoisting ceremony is a solemn and proud moment, symbolizing our unity as a nation. Be a part of this awe-inspiring spectacle that fills the air with a sense of patriotism.

Sweet Distribution ceremony At VGP GBR

Sweets that Melt Hearts

No celebration is complete without a touch of sweetness. Join us in relishing an array of delectable sweets that are sure to melt your heart. Our carefully curated assortment of traditional and contemporary sweets will tickle your taste buds and add a delicious note to the festivities.

Embrace the Colours of Freedom

Celebrate this Independence Day with your loved ones at VGP Golden Beach Resort. Let the spirit of freedom and togetherness fill your heart as we come together to commemorate this historic day. Join us in paying homage to our nation's journey towards independence and revel in the joy of being part of a united India.

People Of VGP GBR

Book Your Spot Today

Secure your spot for this extraordinary celebration. Limited slots available. Contact us to reserve your place for an Independence Day event that promises to be unforgettable.

Come, celebrate, and experience the magic of Independence Day like never before at VGP Golden Beach Resort.


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